Upland, GMO- Free and Organic Cotton Production Pioneer

Now that we have celebrated our 114th. Establishment Anniversay with due ceremony, combining our respect for nature with sound commercial understanding and a listening ear to what the market wanted, we are now proud to be among the leading exporters of Turkey with a more than 65 years experience through our product ranges covering Baled Organic “ Raw Cotton, and Dried Fruits as well as those of Conventionals “. Hence, there is no other third party between us and our customers that affects the “ Cost and Quality Balance ” of our products with which we are happy to have reached to the global quality standards and competitiveness with the final target to “ Turn a Trademark to The Trend of New Generations ” combining experience of the old and dynamism of the young generation. 

We diversified to other things like wheat flour milling, animal feed milling, and textile products: thus, with the 4th. generation in the company, exporting organic products became our important goal.




Supplying all qualities of Izmir and Çukurova origin cotton to biggest cotton merchant and spinners of the world for more than 65 years.



Our organic cotton being grown around Izmir region in Western Turkey, known as Aegean cotton, is one of the best quality cotton in the World, along with the  Çukurova region, globally known as the South East region.

Dried Apricots

One of the most colourful and certainly one of the most flavourful of all dried fruits is the apricot. We are proud to held in a rightous pride to be the first company to export apricots from Turkey.

Figs & Fig Paste

Fig is among the first dried fruits exported from Port of Izmir, and has become symbol of the city for many years. Dried figs, with its delicious taste and nutritious content are popular fruit items sold throughout the world.


Pistachios, Apricot Kernels (Sweet & Bitter), Walnut Kernels, Almonds (Sweet & Bitter), Hazelnuts, Focha (in-shell), Shelled, Blanched-Partially Blanched, Chopped, Meal





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